Gouvernor of District 403A2

L'excellence dans le service

During my tenure the motto that I chose is  "EXCELLENCE IN THE SERVICE". In English, "Excellence in Service". The word Excellence comes from the Latin "excellent" which means: to surpass, exceptional, transcend. My ambition is that during my mandate, we were looking for perfection. Because according to Jori Cazillac «Who seeking perfection gets excellence. " We must together contribute to the influence of Lionism through quality actions, strong actions that leave traces in all the countries and which are in conformity with our service ideal. I urge you to excel and transcend in all your actions so as to arouse admiration, the desire to be Lions and recognition. Thus, quality must be appropriate in our recruitments, in the organization of our induction ceremonies or charter, in the management of our clubs, in our works and finally in training. Let's be Leaders in the Service and even Leaders in our communities. That's why, I invite you to refer to the club quality initiative tool which is a tool strategy that helps clubs identify the needs of our communities for a service of excellence.