Gouvernor of District 403A2

Dare to serve better

I chose to support our 2018-2019 mandate with a simple motto:

"Dare to serve better" or "Dare to serve better."

Seneca, Latin philosopher and great advocate of social justice, said: "It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It´s because we do not dare that they´re difficult. "

Dear friends, we are members of a centennial association that is entering its second century of existence with very ambitious ambitions revealed in our strategic plan, the LCI Forward, which include:

"Dare ..." induces a relationship with us It is an invitation to join and strengthen our workforce so that we are numerous and mobilized to fight poverty and misery. The changes that our planet is going through need to look for and recruit new volunteers, optimistic and full of vitality, who will bring a lot of enthusiasm and innovation to our organization.

  1. Reaffirm our desire to be the world leader in community and humanitarian services,
  2. Triple the impact of our actions for 2021, ie reaching more than 200 million people through the service.

These aspirations seem very ambitious, but Lions need to be even more numerous, more determined, educated and daring enough to reach them.

So we have to OSER think outside the box, OSER understand and cope with the changes , DARE recruit new quality members, DARE new relevant and ambitious projects, DARE new ways to raise funds, DARE new partnerships, DARE better communicate, DARE be attractive, DARE new actions with and for youth, DARE originality, DARE the power of friendship, DARE innovate, DARE inspire the world ...

This audacity will allow us to consolidate the Lionism of the new century, a Lionism proud of its fundamental values ​​and ethics, proud of its past, anchored in its present and resolutely turned towards the Future.

This audacity requires:

  • Self-confidence, an absolute requirement of Courage and Insurance in the face of the vastness of the humanitarian needs of our world
  • A preparation, a training and a planning of our actions as underlines the poet Emile de GIRARDIN in these terms: "To dare is To anticipate; To foresee it is to dare".

When all these ingredients are put together, we can turn our vision and projects into life-saving actions for our communities.

With ardor and to make the future possible through service, I invite each Lions, each Club, each Zone, each Region of our District 403A2 to DARE to meet the challenges that will come up to us.