To accompany me throughout this term of Governor 2018-2019, I designed a pennant incorporating several symbols, I invite you to discover.

LIONS logo, Lioness logo, Leo logo, Africa map, diamond, monument, orange image, Colorful waves, shining stars, orange background .

These logos are based on a white background to express the purity that the feelings and work of any Lions should have.

In the center, the African continent colored in blue resting on colorful waves and having three visual representations namely a diamond, a monument, an image in orange.

At the bottom, is positioned on an orange background, my motto: Dare to better serve. This color has the same name as a fruit, which translates into the fact that we must be hardworking and dynamic to achieve our goal of serving our communities.

Orange is not only a sign of energy, action, vitality, endurance of creativity, but also of pleasure and optimism. This color, as well as the motto, invites us to be bold and enduring so that joy and hope reign in our communities.


The LIONS logo

The motto "We serve" reminds us of being part of the largest philanthropic association in the world

and our commitment to the values of solidarity, the notions of humanist and humanitarian service.

The Lioness Logo

It demonstrates the importance of this exclusively female Lions movement in my lions career

and this by my former membership in the Lioness Club Lomé Soleil in 1991.

The LEO logo
who urges us to work with our young Leo partners with zeal and fervor.

The map of Africa

Without delimitation of countries invites us to unite to reach our constitutional area. Its blue color, color of the sky and the ocean opens us the

service projects as well as new horizons. Closely linked to wisdom, blue soothes hearts and is the symbol of truth, loyalty and serenity.

The diamond

He is the symbol of my home Lions club, Lomé Diamant, who continues to nurture my Lions career.

The monument

He represents a woman carrying a flame and a man freeing himself from his chains. This monument is that of the independence of my

homeland, Togo, legendary land of hospitality which will be the seat of district 403A2 for the 2018-2019 term.

The image in orange

is that of the mother and the child which emphasizes my strong interest for the theme of "early childhood - child protection".

Bright stars

Placed to the left and right of Africa reminds us that we, Lions, had a proud past and that we tend towards a bright future,

find and implement appropriate solutions to the problems of our communities.

Bright stars

Placed to the left and right of Africa reminds us that we, Lions, had a proud past and that we tend towards a bright future,

these stars indicate that Lions are leaders, lighthouses for our cities, and finally they emphasize that we need to make our actions visible in this world of prey. conflicts and deviances of all kinds.