Dear Lions friends, my pennant throughout my term will be my torch gate.
My pennant is composed of several elements: The Krindja is this iconic tree that gave its name to my village Krindjabo, ie, under the Krindja. His beneficial shading keeps an important social function, symbol of friendship and reconciliation. The green foliage is a sign of hope. To recall the motto of the International President, "We Let's serve in Diversity ", the branches of this tree represent Lions in their cultural diversity, united and welded to the tree trunk and that bring the smile and hope for the poorest represented by foliage green. This corroborates the African philosophy that: "Man is the remedy of man". Dear Lions friends, Dear guests, Look, the roots of this tree as they are solid! Our commitment and determination to serve the community must be as strong as these roots centenarians. The Royal Gold Chair symbolizes wealth and kingship in AKAN countries. The color Gold represents here, the nobility of our action. As for the chair, it materializes the good organization of our structured association and democratic. The map of Africa represents the continent of the Future, which belongs to our district 403 A2. The Atlantic Ocean , at the bottom of the pennant, blue soothing, exemplifies the unity of our district and interconnects Lions from Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Togo, the four (4) countries of our District listed on the top of the pennant. The Lioness Club Logo , the women's club I belonged to at Bouaké Amaryllis before becoming Lions in 1991. To the right of this logo, is that of the LEO, our young people, our partners who will take over. At the top left of the pennant, you see the emblem from Lions Clubs International whose different bundles bright will illuminate the 2019-2020 mandate.